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We were resourceful!

The purpose of the Coalition of New Canadians for Arts and Culture was to provide valuable information, professional technical support and marketing/promotional services to new immigrant individuals and communities working in arts and culture.  Our objective was to stimulate the economy, diversity, and the synergy of arts and culture in Canada.  The following is a list of activities that we pursued from 2010 - 2016:

Fast Track Information
  • links to existing arts and culture services and organizations
  • access to space 24/7 for community groups
  • funding and other resources

Development of sector-specific employment information

  • links to employment services
  • partnership with mentors
  • researches and maintains sector-specific employment information

Event planning support

Marketing and promotion

  • promotes arts and culture as a viable career
  • increases visibility of community arts projects and programs
  • encourages the participation in arts and cultural activities among newcomers and the broader population
  • maintains a proactive outreach strategy to new immigrants and related associations
  • maintains proactive relationships with potential funders
  • modeling and planning for individuals, groups
  • development of business plans for independent non-profit organizations
Youth programming
  • partnerships with other youth organizations
  • increases opportunities for marginalized immigrant youth to experience and contribute to their cultural background and to Canada
Coalition sustainability
  • efficient administration by reducing duplication for new immigrant community groups
  • promotion of Coalition activities and events
  • partnerships with other arts and culture organizations based on identified common interests
  • national, transnational, and international partnership