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Strategic Plan

CNCAC Strategic Plan Exercise 2012 - 2013 May 1, 2012

Introduction The Board and staff of the Coalition of New Canadians for Arts and Culture (CNCAC) developed this strategic plan to guide the work of the organization over the period from May 2012 through June 2013, and to set the stage for work beyond that timeframe. Appendix A sets out the process used to create the strategic plan, and Appendix B includes the Environmental Scan that helped inform the strategic plan.


The CNCAC supports the diverse interests of new Canadian immigrants and refugees, including youth and community groups, who wish to be actively engaged in arts and culture, so that Canada will continue to evolve as a model, multicultural society. (from the website)


Our vision of the future is:
  • CNCAC has a local, provincial, national and international presence, including a space, a vast network of individuals and organizations who are part of CNCAC, and a national reputation and audience.
  • Immigrant artists are showcased everywhere across Canada – in galleries, performance spaces and public places and on the web. Some of these environments are provided by CNCAC, but many are the spaces of our numerous partners in all sectors.
  • CNCAC has an important influence on governments, other organizations, business and society at large, and has helped shape Canada to be welcoming for all immigrants, including immigrant artists.
  • CNCAC is a flexible, versatile and innovative organization that is constantly adapting to change and creating new ideas, programs, services and initiatives.
  • The organization has a strong sustainable resource base, including funding, people and infrastructure.
  • All of the work of the Coalition is based on and consistent with a clear set of values, principles and ethics.
“We are grounded dreamers.”

Please feel free to download the complete document.