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Maria Cristina Serje

Founding Member, President of the Board of Directors. 

Maria Cristina holds a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Latin American History. She has been actively engaged with community based initiatives in Ottawa since 2003: she has worked in the fields of community development, diversity, social inclusion, and immigration, settlement and integration of new comers. For the past six years she was a member of the UNESCO-Canada Sectoral Commission on Culture, Communication and Information. 

In her native Colombia she worked with aboriginals, afro-descendant communities, peasants and people displaced by the war implementing community-driven projects, facilitating inter-cultural dialogues, and promoting inclusive development. Maria Cristina worked also in the arts and culture sector, concentrating her efforts in the fields of inter-cultural dialogues, popular culture, cultural policies and cultural administration. 

The main cross cutting themes in Maria Cristina's work over the years have been: cultural diversity, intercultural dialogues, gender equality, and social inclusion. Currently she works for the City of Ottawa.